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Automatic app creation for every spreadsheet user

Create and share great apps based on your data in Excel, Google Sheets, or databases. No coding required.
Open as App is the only platform providing:
– All data, calculations, and logic automatically recognized
– Interactive apps with individual PDF print
– Full control of who can access your app and data
– Your know-how and data available on all platforms

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no-code apps based on Excel

Used by more than 16 000 companies and individuals like:

Boston Scientific
SDK Group

From Excel to app in no time!

How Open as App works?

Create with Open as App

Create using your daily tools

Get your Excel, Google Sheets, or Database ready. Drop the file or hook up your data source (Dropbox, MySQL, etc.) and we will guide you through the process. You don’t need to write a single line of code – just work with your mouse or keyboard, selecting fields, elements, designs, PDF print or you can type.

Manage your apps with Open as App

Manage your apps

Manage your apps through a dashboard. All your apps in a single place. See how many people use your apps and on which devices. Easily set user access, rights, security, and much more.

Share with Open as App

Share only when and as you please

You decide who should be able to see your app. By default, your app is visible only to you until you decide to share it with other people. Easily manage who has access to your app and what they can do with it. And once you share the app, it can be used on any platform.

What can you do with Open as App?

1. List App 1. List App

Go with a list or card list that has it all – detail dialog, map, and drill-down data analysis. And great features based on your data: search, group, sort, and write-back as an option.

2. Dashboard App 2. Dashboard App

Bring your dashboards to a new level with all the charts from your spreadsheet plus dynamic simulations and spot-on information all on the go.

3. Calculation App 3. Calculation App

Empower everyone with an easy-to-use app that calculates dynamically and prints PDFs. It works just like a scary spreadsheet but looks so much better.

4. Survey App 4. Survey App

Save everyone time and collect information in a user-friendly way – with what-if-drill and automated data evaluation.

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Open as App helps you:

  • Speed up digitalization
  • Empower your team with easy-to-use apps based on your complicated spreadsheets
  • Generate PDF offers, quotes or calculations on-site and send them
  • Cut down app development and maintenance cost
  • Create apps without the help of IT experts
  • Share and collect data faster and with full control

Who uses Open as App?
Here are some of our happy customers


„With Open as App we gain a lot of freedom when working with partners. Now we can really use apps to fine-tune projects and quickly adjust all content when things change. The information is mobile and always up to date. That brings flexibility and saves a lot of time. “

McDonald’s Deutschland LLC

„Open as App has impressed us from the beginning. We can now flexibly use apps internally and in customer projects. This is really new and really feasible. “

Klaus Schmidt, PE Tax Leader

„With Open as App, users can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an app without any programming skills. As a result, we are increasingly using mobile ways of disseminating information. The DIY tool is ‘hands-on digitalization for the user’. “

Michael Schneider, Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations
Commerzbank AG

„Open as App is one thing in particular – extremely exciting.“

CHIP – German Computer Magazine

„Digital applications need to be realized quickly for successful cooperation with our partners. Open as App makes it possible. “

André Riemenschneider, Sales Director,
ARAG Partner Sales

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Open as App is free to use for individuals and teams. We also offer paid plans with additional features and usage.