About Open as App

Empowering everyone to create apps without the need to code

Open as App is the first no-code platform empowering everyone to create and share apps automatically, including logic, charts, and calculations.


“ Enhancing is the
new Sharing ”

We will bring the information and data of your daily work on smartphones, tablets, and the web in the form of user-friendly apps.

At a glance

We enable individuals and companies of all sizes to

  • protect their know-how
  • secure and manage the way, data are shared
  • provide great customer experience and innovation
  • increase their resources for digitization with citizen developers

So, Excel, GoogleSheets, or database content, can be turned into apps or bots and shared in a secure and managed way – by citizen developers without coding.

Leading brands already use Open as App to accelerate digitization and to improve sales, client services, processes, collaboration, and reporting.

Company seats: Munich/Germany and San Francisco/USA
Founded in: January 2016

Business model
Open as App develops and operates the Cloud platform www.openasapp.com.

This platform enables everyone to create apps automatically, share them instantly, and manage them easily. Data sources are structured data as in Excel, Google Sheets, Dynamics CRM, or Salesforce.

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Meet our Management Team

Kai Bielenberg
Kai Bielenberg
VP Operations