For the second anniversary of Open as App, we have changed and streamlined the app creation process. Creating an app has now become easier, more streamlined and much more comfortable for users.

Major changes are:

  1. EASY LOGIC PREVIEW: Your app will keep the logic of its source data. Good to know first hand what your file can provide before you create an app. With a quick analysis, you will know exactly how many charts, lists, print areas, etc. are available for your app.
  2. STRAIGHT TO STRUCTURE: After the preview of your app, you can select cells for a calculation, fields for a survey or choose the columns for your list.
  3. DIVE INTO DESIGN: You’re being prompted to choose a theme and an app card. And of course, you can change colors, images, and backgrounds as you like it.

To ease the transformation all changes have been introduced step by step and been revised with feedback by our partners and key clients.

creator analysis list chart

creator analysis startupreport

creator list columns

creator list design

We love to talk to you, so leave us a comment about what you think of the streamlined the app creation process or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Open as App team!


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