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Find out Contamination Level by Neighbourhood with the COVID-19 Radar

COVID-19 Radar International App

The coronavirus crisis endangers the health and economic existence of many people. Initiatives are therefore being launched worldwide that want to use the opportunities offered by digitization to effectively battle the outbreak crisis. Together with the initiator Mathias Reidel and his team, Open as App is participating in this effort and provides the COVID-19 Radar on a 100% non-profit basis.

About COVID-19 Radar

The COVID-19 Radar app is one of several digital initiatives: All over the world, people are trying to gain new knowledge about the coronavirus and its distribution by voluntarily submitting data to the public. Anyone can participate. Everyone is asked. There are already apps in use that show the worldwide spread. In some other countries, citizens can use apps to self-assess their symptoms or automatically inform each other when they have been in contact with people who tested positive for COVID-19 a short time later. Other apps show distribution hotspots on a country level. With these apps, the urgency of the measures can be made clear. However, they do not help in deciding which supermarket is the best place to go when shopping.

The COVID-19 Radar app shows you areas with a low risk of infection. In connection with the current coronavirus pandemic, the app identifies all areas where there is no longer a risk of infection. The authorities can then impose individual restrictions as an alternative to a complete blockade. A traffic light with the three colors green, amber, and red classifies all zones according to the threat level.

A few words about data security:

With the help of the app, the user transmits his health status in the form of traffic light colors. The collected entries are displayed as a heatmap. In addition, the map shows the aggregated infection figures of the Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities. The report is strictly voluntary. Though the more people participate, the better.

The COVID-19 Radar stores the traffic light color, location (longitude/latitude), transmission time, the device-related installation ID. The hosting providers store the IP address to enable their services. Only you know which status you have entered. The data is transferred to a secure database for evaluation and for the creation of the heatmap. The results are available to all users and research institutes.

The location cannot be traced back to a single residential building. There is no continuous tracking of the user, the location data is only transmitted if the user explicitly transmits his “traffic light status”.

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