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Posses the Knowledge of a Barman With the Drinks and Cocktails App

Drinks and Cocktails App

Do you like to go out with your friends or family on the weekend after a hard week at work? Most of us do and it is always a pleasure when you arrive at the counter and get to ask your barman to give you a Mai Tai for your wife and a Cuba Libre for you.

However, sometimes you do not feel like going to a bar because you just want to rest at home after a long week, or you might want to organize a surprise dinner for your other half who also had a hard week. Anyways, you want to enjoy cocktails at home in front of a movie or at your romantic home-made dinner.

You have to pass by the supermarket because you need to purchase ingredients to prepare your cocktails however, you are annoyed because it is inconvenient to google each cocktail separately in order to get a list of all the ingredients you need to prepare your cocktails.

At Open as App, we created an app called “Drinks and Cocktails” which will help you whenever you decide to stay home and feel like trying to prepare some home-made cocktails.

About the Drinks and Cocktails App

With the “Drinks and Cocktails” app you have easy and quick access to over 100 cocktails recipes that you can easily prepare at home. When you enter the app, you simply need to click on the name of the cocktail in the app, and a pop-up will appear where you will see a picture of how your cocktails should ideally look like, a list of all the ingredients you will want to buy to prepare your cocktail, and of course, the pop-up will also give you quick and easy instructions to follow so that you can prepare your favorite cocktail in no time! If you like cocktails but do not enjoy alcohol, we got you covered with non-alcoholic recipes.

Interested in the Drinks and Cocktails app, but you want to change the content? Build a list app with your recipes for cocktails or homemade dishes and share it publicly, or privately (if you want to keep the secret of your recipes!)

Learn how to create your won list app.

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