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Find the right offer for your business with the SaaS Pricing Calculator app

SaaS Pricing Calculator App

In today’s dynamic environment, customers have become more and more demanding. For companies to retain their competitive advantages, it is crucial to digitalize their processes to increase performance and efficiency. One of the strategies incrementally implemented by companies is to develop applications.

Developing applications used to be reserved for companies with a big budget since it was very costly to build apps, and it took a considerable amount of time. However, this is not the case anymore. Building applications has become cheaper and faster with the rise of No-Code and Low-Code technologies.

No-Code application development platforms such as Open as App help you to transform your data into business applications in just a few minutes. You can use your data from Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, or other data sources to create apps. The creation process is straightforward, and you firstly need to structure your data, then drag & drop it in the Open as App Wizard. Then the app will be created within seconds, and you will be free to customize it as you see fit.

Depending on your industry or whether you are a startup or a big corporation, your needs will be different. With the help of the SaaS Pricing Calculator app, you can calculate which plan suits your needs perfectly, and what this plan offers.

Open as App offers three different plans which are

  • Business Starter
  • Business Growth
  • Business Enterprise

In the SaaS Pricing Calculator App, you can enter the details regarding

  • Number of users your app will have
  • Monthly or Yearly payment
  • Choosing your Business Plan

Depending on your business plan, you will have more options to choose from; for example, embedding apps into your website requires at least a Business Pro plan, and branding your app client requires a Business Enterprise plan.

There will be 3 buttons at the bottom of the SaaS Pricing Calculator app that will show you what exactly is included in your package, the specific features each package contains, and lastly, a button to create and print an offer.

One of the biggest threat which you can solve with no-code apps is Shadow IT, find out more here.

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