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Spend Less Time Handling Paperwork and More Time With Your Clients With Our Service Quotation App

Service Quotation App

Today, it is safe to say that we live in a digital age where data is king. With globalization, it’s easier for investors to find new interesting projects and as a result, every day there are new tech startups created and new technologies developed. More and more businesses offer online services, and especially after the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the global economy will depend even more on online technologies. Online reputation will be very important for companies, which is why Open as App developed the Service Quotation ap. The app will help your representative to spend more time with your company customers and less with paperwork.

In this digital world, the customers will be kings, and online reputation will be very valuable for your business. With the Service Quotation app, your business will be able to dedicate more time to satisfy your clients and less time on paperwork and proposals.

The Service Quotation app streamlines and automates the proposal and request for proposal process for sales operations, which is why you will be able to spend less time on paperwork and proposals.

Service Quotation App Benefits

  • the ability to quickly generate professional and impressive business proposals and sales quotes
  • saving hours by managing everything within a single solution
  • this app template helps the sales team work more efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to share with us how the app “Service Quotation” helped you and how we could further improve it to help you even more.

A few words about data security

All information you enter is confidential and will not be stored by us. Your entries are only visible to you and are not stored in the app. If you want to keep your data, you can create a PDF in the app’s menu under Print or select “Save data” in the menu, set your settings to private and save. Read our security whitepaper here.

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