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Create a User-Friendly Status Report With the Status Check App

Status Check App

Whether you are a start-up, SME, or a corporation, your company has various departments such as a marketing department, sales departments, etc… In bigger companies, you have units within the departments. A basic requirement is a status report, whether it be the whole department or just a project status check from a precise team. This is why the Status check app might be exactly what you need.

The status report allows the decision-makers to make the right decision for the company based on numbers and facts given to them. Sales departments have multiple projects going on to attract new leads to turn them into customers. However, with the help of a status report, sales managers shut down or focus on a project based on the data.

The app “Status Check” is a status report app that offers a user-friendly overview of a department or a project. Therefore, the Status Check app helps your managers and/or directors to keep track of the departments and resources. With the Status Check app, it enables the top line administrators to have access to the details of various departments at a glance.

The data you input in the app can be accessed anytime by the top line administrator. This feature allows companies to quickly establish the profitability (or not) of a unit, project, or department to optimize the expenses and maximize the revenue.

The Status Check app will enhance your monthly meetings

  • Allowing everyone in the team to be up to date on the latest information, which will result in a more cohesive and efficient team.
  • It is easier and faster for the management team to tackle issues with departments that are not profitable and efficient

A few words about data security:

All information you enter is confidential and will not be stored by us. Your entries are only visible to you and are not stored in the app. If you want to keep your data, you can create a PDF in the app’s menu under Print or select “Save data” in the menu, set your settings to private and save.

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