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Digital Time Tracking Has Never Been More Convenient

Time Tracking App

Time tracking via app – this is how easy digital time tracking works: Do you have an overloaded schedule where you have to balance work, social and family life? Or do you have a lot of responsibility at work and struggle to manage your time efficiently and the working hours of your employees ? Then a time tracking app might be just what you need.

Project time tracking

With a project time tracking app, you work in an organized, focused and task-oriented manner. With the time tracking app, you can track the effort that your business, your employees or you yourself have invested in a particular client or project. This makes it easier for you to understand how long it took you or your team to achieve a goal.

To get a better understanding of how you spend your time and how you can use it more efficiently, your day will be divided into categories. You will be able to see how much of your work time you spent in meetings, traveling, making calls, etc. Another useful feature of the time tracking app is that it can help your HR, accounting and management team easily visualize the time spent on a specific activity.

Digital time tracking via app

You can use the time tracking app to document the hours worked by your employees. For this, our example app only requires a few simple adjustments that are done in just a few clicks. It already calculates from the entered working time in relation to the contractually defined number of working hours whether your employee works overtime or accumulates minus hours.

Mandatory recording of working hours in Germany

In Germany in particular, the topic of recording working hours has become really important lately, as in September 2022 the Federal Labor Court decided that companies must systematically record the working hours of their employees. In order to comply with this obligation, companies must decide on a method of recording working hours. Currently, this is possible via time clock, timesheet, Excel file, but also digitally. Therefore, you can conveniently comply with this obligation via app without having to establish complex new systems for documenting working hours.

Time recording via Excel

A classic method of time tracking is an Excel spreadsheet, in which employees or project participants record how long they worked on certain tasks or how many hours they spent at work. This method may work, but it is not optimal, because time tracking in Excel spreadsheets is not suitable for editing via smartphones and tablets. In addition, Excel files quickly run the risk of being copied and adapted by people and eventually having different versions. As a result, Excel quickly becomes a source of errors.

Instead of an Excel template, you should directly download our time tracking app and try it out!

Advantages of the Time Tracking app

  • This time tracking app is a must-have app to track the effort used for a particular customer, individual employee based status for a particular project.
  • Helps you divide your work into categories, so you can see how much time you spend in meetings, travels, calls, etc.
  • It helps to easily visualize the time spent on a particular activity for the HR, accounting, and management team.
  • Your employees can easily use the app to record their working hours.
  • All users access the same data source and human errors are avoided.

A few words about data security

All information you enter is confidential and will not be stored by us. Your entries are only visible to you and are not stored in the app. If you want to keep your data, you can create a PDF in the app’s menu under Print or select “Save data” in the menu, set your settings to private and save.

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