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Brand New Streamlined App Creation

For our second anniversary we have changed and streamlined the app creation process. Creating an app has now become easier, more streamlined and much more comfortable for users.

Winner of the German Accelerator Captivate Night

Open as App won the German Accelerator’s Captivate Night!

selective focus photography of multicolored confetti lot

Feature Updates 2017

It’s time again for the “Feature Updates 2017” blog post. This year, many features were added to our platform and we even released a new type of app. On top of that, we organized webinars for our growing community.

Product Feature Update

Create your own advent calendar app

Digital and yet handmade… This advent calendar app is a great gift for family, friends or clients in the advent time and Christmas season.


How would the tax reform affect you? This app shows…

Tax Reform is all the rage in the United States. Those within the Beltway, on Wall Street, and even on Main Street are actively engaged in the debate. It is not a question of if but how much.

Tax reform

Turn your Excel charts instantly into smart dashboard apps

Create dashboards from Excel with great designs and distribute all information up to date. Automated chart transfer from your system allows creation in under one minute.

A University of Apps: App Hackathon at HTW Berlin

The HTW Berlin is breaking new ground: In their Innovation Management seminar, the students have created apps and put their ideas into practice straight away.

HTW Berlin

Get The Basics with List Apps Webinar

If you use Excel in the Dropbox, Google Sheets, or a live database connection, the data is updated automatically. If you are using a desktop file, you can update changes in the app portal under Data-> update the spreadsheet and upload the new version of your file.


Interactive Calculations

Open as App recognizes almost all Excel formulas. We do, however, not transfer any macros. This is due to the platform independence of Open as App: Apple does not allow to download further code. Therefore, Microsoft Excel cannot show macros on iOS and keeps the same policy for Android.


Product Feature Updates 2016

In 2016, Open as App lifted off by introducing a few product feature updates to our automatic app creation platform we believe many will benefit from – calculations, list apps, enterprise mobility.

Product Feature Update

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