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How to Organize Dropbox for Business in a New Way

Discover how you can organize Dropbox for better business efficiency in this Open as App guide – Create apps based on your Dropbox files.

Organize Dropbox for business

Sales Calculation Apps Help Empower Your Sales Team

Learn how you can empower your sales team efficiency with the help of no-code sales calculation apps that can calculate ROI or issue service quotations.

Empower your sales team with calculation apps

SQL to App: Use Your Data More Efficiently

Read our step-by-step guide on how to create an app based on your SQL data, and find out why it is beneficial for you and your business.

SQL to app

7 Custom Sales Apps That Will Boost Your Sales Performance

Digital innovations bring improvement to different aspects of how companies work today, and custom sales apps targeted at sales teams are certainly among them.

sales meeting with custom apps

Create a Financial Plan App Based on Your Excel Files

Learn in this step-by-step guide how you can turn a powerful excel dashboard used by venture capital companies to evaluate startups, into a financial plan app within minutes.

Financial Plan App

The 5 Top Benefits from Sharing Cloud Data as an App

Working in the Cloud has become the norm for many businesses that have embraced the newest technological trends for their advancement. It undoubtedly offers numerous advantages and makes companies operate more efficiently and flexibly. With the advancement of the security standards of Cloud platforms, even enterprises, notorious for their demanding security requirements, have started using Cloud data storage and sharing.

Sharing cloud data app

How Companies Benefit from Custom Manufacturing Apps

Globally, digital transformation is one of the most central aspects of the development and growth of the manufacturing industry. Its role has been so important, for small and big companies alike, that it has been called the fourth industrial revolution. Manufacturing apps play a key role in this process helping both small family companies and large industrial conglomerates bring their operations to this new reality.

Manufacturing apps

List Apps Boosts Data Collection and Information Exchange

The power of apps created without coding lies in the simplicity with which they bring innovation for companies and individuals alike. No-code platforms allow you to build crucial apps that would otherwise take months to build – as well as tons of resources. Some of the most common apps that you can craft with no-code are list apps.

List Apps Boosts Data Collection and Information Exchange

Enhance the Business Use of Microsoft Tools

Only a few years ago, building an app from scratch seemed like a gigantic effort that required preparation and execution taking months and even years. Low-code and no-code platforms have rapidly transformed the technological landscape. With their help, functional and useful applications are being built within days and weeks instead.


How Automatic App Creation Helps Insurance Companies

The digital age that we’re living in has rapidly changed the way that all types of businesses operate. Novel software solutions are the backbone of innovation in numerous fields, and this certainly applies to the insurance industry.


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