Improve your app design beyond the standard themes, the new Open as App feature, copy element style, might just be what you are looking for! You can now style one element of your app – just the way you want it – and then apply its style to other elements with a single click.

It’s as easy as that!

1. Click the edit button next to your app preview. You will see a dialog, listing all elements of your app.

copy paste

2. Choose the command “copy element style” displayed with the brush icon, and click on all elements you want to look alike. And done. Don’t forget to save your work.

copy done

To leave the copy mode, press escape or click somewhere else in the app creator.

This feature works best with elements of the same kind, meaning output data field to output data field, button to button or list to list, chart to chart, etc.

ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS  – PLEASE NOTE! You can save your styles to theme templates and display app themes in your corporate brand style to all users of your company. 

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