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Is Building Apps Expensive And Time-Consuming?

If you take a look around most modern companies, you will quickly realize that “building apps” means hiring a team of programmers and letting them build deployable applications within 2 to 6 months with a price tag between $15k and $70k+. Understanding and learning how to work with these apps takes your employees another 2 to 4 months. And changes, of course, take more time to be implemented.

List Apps Boosts Data Collection and Information Exchange

User Rights Management in Open as App

One thing you will certainly face at one point is the User (Rights) Management. Whether you already have company rules in place, or start from scratch – you can easily cover it with our User Management.

Cycling Apps

Seeing Open as App in action always feels great to us. It is amazing how our solution can assist you in your daily life and make things easier.

5 Excuses You Will Never Hear Again if You Use Open as App

Situations can happen if you are working with Excel (or any other structured data). They are not easy to understand, get buried under other informations and are quickly outdated. If you work with Open as App, this could all be things of the past.

How to turn Excel calculations into apps

If you are interested in a simple way to turn your business spreadsheets into accessible, easy-to-use and actually portable tools, look no further! In just 5 simple steps, Open as App enables you to create your own apps based on the spreadsheets you use in your daily business life.

Calendar – new app type fully released

Here comes the perfect app solution for lists with date / time information.

Signature Pad for Survey Apps

Open as App can now capture signatures. If you are using the app type “Survey”, a signature pad can be integrated. Captured signatures will be saved as a picture, making it possible to get e.g. compliance or offer information signed. This function can be tested as a public preview with full functionality.

New Data Source Available: Dropbox

Dropbox joins the club of Cloud host providers fully supported by Open as App. When selecting authentication (and not shared link) you can add data from your Dropbox, provide read and write access, thus write back information into your spreadsheet or your app.

Advanced Feature: Enhance your data with logic

To ease your start into a productive February, we’ve decided to further introduce you to working with our powerful function “Enhance with Excel”. In short, this feature enables you to take any data from e.g. an online source and to enrich them with the logic from your own Excel, e.g. to predefine how the pulled data should be handled or further processed.

Open as App now supports Data Exchange Protocol REST

Aside of data sources that humankind uses on a daily basis (e.g. Excel, SQL etc.), we decided that it is time to take the next big step and integrate the world’s most popular machine-to-machine data exchange protocol, REST, into our product. This format is used to transport a huge portion of the content that is being shared on the internet today.

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