Complex pricing calculation app in the paper industry

With an app sales representatives calculate complex quotes on-site including parameters for machine productivity as well as the use of energy and raw materials.


The SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH&Co KG’s sales staff must be able to carry out complex product and price calculations quickly and with flexibility while meeting customers.

Because in the paper industry a huge variety of individual customers and company-specific calculation determinants must be considered with the calculation, the challenge consists of finding the right balance between speed and accuracy of the calculation.


“Our app simplifies the sales process for our employees and offers a great framework for sales meetings.”

Dr. Tobias Boland, CFO, Schoellershammer GmbH & Co.KG


The app, developed with Open as App, manages to solve the described balancing act of speed and accuracy.

Using a clearly structured interface, the sales employee can quickly enter the calculation parameters requested on-site – such as desired grade, grammage, desired quantity, and price. The calculation, which takes place in the background, then takes into account all the necessary, detailed calculation parameters – such as the specific machine productivity as well as the use of energy and raw materials.



By using the app, the sales representatives process on-site can be simplified and standardized so that they can concentrate more on the conversation with the customer. In the next steps, communication between the ERP and the app is planned, which will make it possible to generate a record of the conversation.

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SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH & CO. KG, with headquarters in Düren, Germany, produces and sells corrugated base paper for the packaging industry. Every year, waste paper from more than 3 million inhabitants is processed into packaging papers that are appreciated by customers all over the world. SCHOELLERSHAMMER makes an important contribution to the circular economy in its 24/7 drive-through operation and thus conserves resources. As a traditional family business, we are proud to offer a se- cure economic basis to many families of our employ- ees and those of our suppliers.