You can build a CO2 footprint calculator in a couple of minutes. This is what no-code apps are all about – take the myth out of coding and empower everyone to create their own apps. At No-Code Assembly hosted by Wayra on 10 December, we got to prove our point.

CO2 QuickCheck Calculator

With more than a 100 (now) no-code fans watching, we started our app experiment. Live in front of the audience we built a no-code app calculator in a quarter of an hour. In comparison, an app developer would have to write about two pages of code.

With the Open as App platform, this CO2 calculator can be built from an Excel spreadsheet without any coding. Using the app, you can now check the most-environmental friendly way to travel home for Christmas or to streamline the CO2 footprint of your daily journeys.

Open it in your web browser:

Get the CO2 footprint appGet your no-code CO2 footprint app

How to create your own CO2 footprint calculator

And of course, as real no-coders, we strongly encourage you to build your own app. When discussing our CO2 calculator we came about so many options and different ways, that we all have our own app now. If you want to set a fixed travel distance, adopt the calculator to fit your own car or simply change the pictures or the color scheme. Or if you to take things even furthers, find more data and enhance this calculator with a section on food or living … please go ahead. Feel free to use our Excel file as a starting point. Download it and go to to create your own app. It’s free.

Download the Excel file

We hugely enjoyed No-Code Assembly on 10 December in Munich and will be happy to be part of it in the future! Here is what it’s all about: No-Code Assembly is a great initiative by Michel Geolier from Betterfront. Munich’s first-ever no-code event gathers entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and students to learn about the possibilities of no-code development.

The event started with a warm welcome from our host Wayra and the No-Code Assembly initiator Michel Geolier. The keynote speaker was Stephan Methner, CEO and founder of Open As App introduced the idea of automated app creation, its use and its benefits for business and individual users, followed by Frank Böhmer from Ninox who presented their solution for no-code integration and workflow optimization and a discussion together with Dirk Wilfling, CEO and co-founder of which is using no-code for the creation of algorithms. And of course, we all enjoyed drinks and pizza and the chance to talk things through after the presentations.

Create your first app now

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