Every once in a while, your life is facing a situation caused by something completely out of your control. The type of thing that was not caused by you or you had no finger in it. Nonetheless, the impact on your personal and professional life is huge. Just open your newspaper, Facebook or turn your news program today. Yes, you know what I am talking about.

In a time of dire straits, you need to be able to contact everyone you need to in the easiest and most convenient way possible. To be able to reach the person you want to talk to, you need to have their contact details – phone number, email, messenger ID… And this list needs to be available to you at any moment, just like your phone. What you need is a contact form app.

Imagine you are a school administrator or a school group leader. You need to keep children’s parents updated on the current status and also make sure you have all their current contact information.

Collecting everyone’s contact data can be a daunting and time-consuming task involving many tools and channels. Why shouldn’t it be easier? You build an app to collect the contact details and send it to Jane who is close to Cindy, but not to you. Jane fills her contact details and shares the app with Cindy. On her part, Cindy did the same and shares it with John. And the story goes on.

Soon after you have built an actionable up to date contact details list. You can use it to stay in touch, share news, updates and even make plans.

You can also use the very same app to provide updates on whether the school is taking place or not. Or anything else you want the children’s parents to know.

Here is how the contact form app looks

Contact Form App

Here is what you need to do to personalize it for yourself and your group

To build this list of important contacts app on your own just follow the steps in this video and use this spreadsheet.

Contact Form App Excel

Alternatively, you don’t necessarily need to start from scratch. You can create your own personalized app. Just click on “Create own app based on the template”.

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Last, but not least

Feel free to use this app as a template and change it the way it will best fit you.

P.S. This app would work well for remote workers as well. Or for anyone in the gig economy.

Stay healthy and safe!

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