On the building site, there is no way to avoid completing a construction daily log. We explain what is documented in it, why it is absolutely essential and how you can easily create your own digital construction daily log for your smartphone or tablet with Open as App.

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    What is a construction daily log?

    A construction daily log is the documentation of the construction process of a building and is part of the construction file. The purpose of a construction daily log is to ensure that the entire construction process can be tracked at some point in the future. In this way, it can be used as evidence in court in the case of legal conflicts over services provided. In general, the construction daily log is kept by the construction manager or architect.

    Construction daily logs can also be used by private builders. In this case, however, they are of a more personal nature and are used as an aide-memoire.

    What information is documented in a construction daily log?

    A construction daily log keeps track of progress on construction projects and helps ensure that work is completed on time and within budget. It should include the following:

    • Date of construction documentation
    • Details of the object
    • Number of workers employed
    • Construction project and progress
    • Materials and equipment used
    • Weather conditions
    • Performance results/work progress
    • Details of problems, delays, deficiencies and damage
    • Results and details of meetings
    • Acceptance records, data sheets, photos, and other documents

    How to keep a construction daily log?

    There are no basic regulations on what a construction daily log should look like. Only in the case of specific contracts where you have to follow certain rules and forms. It is therefore important that all parties involved agree on what content should be recorded.

    The situation is similar with regard to the frequency of construction documentation. Depending on the degree of supervision required, entries should be made daily, or at least at each site visit. To document the project as accurately as possible, you should also work with photos and videos. In addition, all recorded content must be countersigned by the workers involved.

    Keep in mind that a construction site often has more than one construction manager. Therefore, it makes sense for each construction manager to keep his or her own construction daily log. Generally, construction daily logs can be implemented in written or digital form.

    Is the construction daily log obligatory?

    Whether a construction manager or architect is obligated to keep a construction daily log depends on the contractual basis of the construction project.

    However, even if you are not required to keep a construction daily log, it should not be disregarded. This is because proper documentation can reduce the liability risk and protect you in case of legal disputes.

    Advantages of a construction daily log

    Reducing the risk of liability is a key advantage of the construction daily log.

    Further advantages are:

    • Facts and events of the construction site are available without distortion and can be easily verified by all parties involved.
    • Workers are protected from wrongful accusations for delays.
    • Miscommunication as well as errors and thus discrepancies are avoided.
    • Based on the information collected, potential for improvement can be identified and implemented.

    Difference between construction daily log and construction daily report

    In addition to the construction daily log, there is also often mention of the construction daily report. This also records processes and developments on the construction site. The difference between a construction daily log and a construction daily report is the purpose of complete documentation. While the construction daily log focuses on the construction process, the construction daily report targets the reporting of all services actually provided on a construction day. This makes daily target-performance comparisons possible.

    The daily construction report is usually prepared individually by the various groups of workers. There is no coordination with other contractors. The construction daily log can later be used to determine costs, but is not an equivalent to the more comprehensive construction daily log.

    How to digitize a construction daily log?

    Traditionally, construction managers write down the construction daily log on a clipboard using paper and pen. Later, the construction manager has to transfer their observations into a digital document. This takes an enormous amount of time. In addition, there is a risk of forgetting or confusing additions such as construction plans and photos, and simply losing the piece of paper. Depending on the duration of the construction project, the documentation also becomes more and more extensive and complicated, because paper needs a lot of space.

    To minimize the risk of forgetting something, many construction managers use a construction daily log template. Such templates are a kind of checklist and are available free of charge for both Microsoft Excel and Word. Nevertheless, the effort of later digitization is high.

    That’s why we recommend implementing your digital construction daily log via app. This way, you can easily record your daily reports via smartphone or tablet.

    Create your construction daily log with Open as App

    With Open as App, you can easily create your own digital construction daily log – no programming skills required. With our easy-to-use no-code platform, you can turn your spreadsheets from Excel or Google Sheets into a smart app in no time. You can simply upload your information or link it via a cloud and our App Creator will automatically analyze it and show the available logic.

    Punch Card List App 2

    Afterwards, you can still set a design, select and insert charts or new elements, or add an image for the app card. After that, your app is ready to be set up and published.

    The advantages of a construction daily log app are outstanding:

    • No rework in the office
    • Easy to use
    • Fast and flexible access to the digital construction file for all authorized persons and executing companies
    • Real-time collaboration with all people involved in the construction project
    • Fast, location-independent updating of information
    • Digital punch list process
    • Digital assignment of punch list items to relevant persons
    • Easy addition of images with upload option
    • Traceable and legally compliant storage
    • Unlimited storage space
    • Sustainability through reduction of paper consumption

    A construction daily log app can be extremely helpful in facilitating the work of a construction manager, architect or owner.

    Stay flexible and get your construction daily log app with Open as App today. With our App Creator you can create your first mobile app now for free.

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