We at Open as App are constantly evaluating possible data sources for our users to use when building new, powerful apps with relevant data. Aside from data sources that humankind uses on a daily basis (e.g. Excel, SQL, etc.), we decided that it is time to take the next big step and integrate the world’s most popular machine-to-machine data exchange protocol, REST, into our product. This format is used to transport a huge portion of the content that is being shared on the internet today.

How to use the REST API with Open as App

First, we added support to build list-based apps relying on the Data Exchange Protocol REST, including write-back functionality. All you have to do is to go to the portal and select the data source.

How to use REST with Open as App

To connect to the REST data source, the only thing you have to provide is the URL of the service you would like to use. In our example, we’ve used this link, which provides information on all countries around the world. During the process, you can select which parts of the data should be transported into the app – no need to import boring or unused data.

Import REST data

From here on, the process is the same as with ordinary list apps: As you can see in the following screenshot, list data was detected and is already displayed nicely (including images!). The only difference is, that the data source has been contacted through REST API.

Choose you app type

On the web, you can find collections of REST APIs with which you can work, e.g. https://rapidapi.com/. As an alternative, if you already have a REST API up and running at work or at home, you can easily use it to start building apps.

Also, make sure to check our technical article for our REST API integration for further details.

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