What is Open as App? And what is automatic app creation all about?

What is Open as App?
With Open as App, you can instantly create, distribute and manage apps automatically. Hence our name: Open your data as an app – Open as App.

All you need to start working with Open as App is your professional expertise. Your apps are based on your existing data (eg in Excel or databases). Simply link or upload your data to openasapp.net and then design and share your app.

How is Open as App different from other app tools?
Open as App creates apps automatically. Our Cloud service uses a unique algorithm for data analysis (patent pending).

So, all the logic of your data, including formulas, calculations, and properties will persist in your app, and your app will instantly be available on all platforms – iOS, Android, W10, Bot, and the Web. You can also write back data from your app. Updates are available instantly. This makes Open as App the perfect solution for everyone and every company who wants to use their data on mobile devices, on the web and as bots.

Other tools use pre-built building block modules to which app creation is restricted. The apps created with these tools are not 100% native.

On which platforms is my app running?
Your app will run instantly on Android, iOS, on the web (also embedded in web pages) and integrates into chatbots. Behind all this is a powerful and intelligent data analysis of the automatic app creation with Open as App.
Why do I need an App Client on my smartphone?
The App Client is a direct communication channel for apps. Customers and colleagues always have access to current data. This saves time and money in app creation and operation.

Normally, you would have to publish every app in the individual app stores. This is charged for, it requires a lot of background knowledge, you need to meet various quality standards. And this takes its time.

How do I know if an app is 100% native like Open as App?
With Open as App, true smartphone apps are created that are available online and offline, identical to the standard of individually programmed apps.

You can tell the difference when using Open as App on your smartphone or tablet. A native app calculates, sorts or opens the data immediately and without reloading. It is online and offline 100% available. This is convenient and saves waiting time, even if the connection is good.

A semi-native or web app, must always reload content when features are running. It is therefore only available online on smartphones.

Open as App is 100% native on iOS, Android and W10 and it is available in your browser, embedded into your website, as a chatbot and as input for voice bots.

How do I start working with Open as App?

How to start with Open as App?
For Open as App you need a browser, a smartphone and an idea.
To create and centrally distribute apps you need an account on www.openasapp.com. You do not have to program.

To use the created apps, you need the App Client from Open as App. These can be downloaded in the respective App Store. The apps are immediately available there, as well as any changes made to the app.

How to test Open as App?
Open as App is ready to start. You can test Open as App at any time with your own app ideas and data, or you can use our sample files. For testing, select Non-Commercial & Evaluation as the account type.

Sample files can be found in the App Creator on the Select Data page. Click the Use Sample Files box. There you will find a selection of files that you can use immediately to get an idea of app creation and sharing with Open as App.

I do not want to save my data in the Open as App Cloud. How do I do that?
Due to the special architecture of Open as App, the data does not have to be stored in the Open as App Cloud.

You can also link your data from another provider like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Sheets as well as from Sharepoint. With the Open as App Gateway, On Premise’s data management is also possible.

The data is sent directly to the users’ devices and only then connected to the app.

What kind of apps can I create with Open as App?
With Open as App you can create any kind of app – including lists, calculations, charts, polls and pictures. The individual elements can also be combined in many ways.
How can I protect and distribute my apps?
Apps can be published in private or public mode. You can also assign user rights.

The private mode protects the app. Only users who have been invited by e-mail have access. With the user rights, it is still possible to distinguish whether users are allowed to read or modify data.

In public mode, the app is freely accessible to all users. It can be distributed via a link or social media.

The access rights also apply if the app is used as a web app or embedded in a website.

How do I manage my apps?
There is a dashboard in the Open as App Creator. Here you have an overview of all apps and app users. You can revoke access to the app at any time.

What can you tell me about security with Open as App?

How is Open as App hosted?
Open as App is hosted in the Azure Europe Cloud. This is a cloud with high security standards. The servers are exclusively in the EU.

Via our partner Telekom we also offer the hosting of the data in the Deutsche Telekom Cloud (Azure Germany).

With our Open as App Gateway you can even host your data on Premises.

What security standards does Open as App meet?
Open as App encrypts 256-bit data. Data is hosted exclusively within the EU or in Germany. In addition, Open as App integrates with many security concepts and supports on-premises hosting and Sharepoint integration.

Open as App is also integrated into MDM systems such as MobileIron AppConnect, AppConfig or Blackberry Good.

How can I learn more about security with Open as App?
Our white paper “Security” informs you in detail about security with Open as App. Please download here

How do you support me if I want to use Open as App in my company?

What data can I include in Open as App?
Open as App can use all structured data, for example from Excel, Google Sheets, online data or databases like SQL or Salesforce.

For our enterprise customers, we release additional drivers for automatic use upon request.

How can I integrate Open as App into my company's infrastructure?
Open as App is embedded in mobile device management systems such as MobileIron, AppConfig or Blackberry Good. This allows the rollout and management of the Open as App Ap client for large user bases and adds extra security features.

In addition, you can use the Open as App Gateway to host data on premises or from other cloud systems.


Where can I get help with app creation?
Of course, we will help you to create great apps! We offer you a lot of support and mentoring. Open as app is very easy to use. We are happy to make you and any number of power users fit in the app creation. This is possible within a few hours. If you use Excel, it also depends a bit on your own Excel knowledge. If you do not have the time, you can also simply order an app from us or from one of our partners. Our partner base will also provide assistance with system integration.
What can I use Open as App for?
Open as App is an ideal solution whenever corporate data need to be used quickly but securely on mobile devices, on the web or in chatbots.

  • Many of our customers have existing Excel solutions and want to use this data distributed to mobile devices in a user-friendly and secure way,
  • Others link Open as App to databases and keep their teams and their data up to date,
  • or they distribute reports with dashboards as apps.
  • then again others have mobile devices and want to use them more actively than just for e-mailing.
What are other customers doing?
Here are some smart highlights that customers have in use:

  • Individual offer preparation with instant PDF
  • Calculators for insurance
  • Reports / Dashboard in the Finance / Banking area
  • ROI calculators
  • Dynamics CRM connections with calculators
  • Performance reports and information about booking status
  • Information transmission and dose calculations in the medical field
Can I edit access rights at any time?
Yes, you can always add users, delete them, and extend or restrict user rights.
How many apps can I create with Open as App?
With Open as App, you can create as many apps as you like with each account.
Are there any restrictions on the number of users?
If you create an app in public mode, it will be publicly available. It can be shared in social media, via link or via QR code and used by anyone who opens the app.

If your app is published in private mode in a business account, all users who have been invited can access it. The number of users depends on the business package and the number of users booked.

In evaluation mode, apps can be used and shared with full functionality for testing purposes or as non-commercial apps.

How can I earn money with Open as App?

Does Open as App have a partner program?
Yes, we have and we are happy about every partner. Our partners support us in various ways:

  • Sale of Open as App Business packages and licenses for commission
  • Support their customers using Open as App for commission
  • Integrate Open as App into your customers’ systems on a project basis
  • Create apps on a project basis or for sale to a broader community in our app catalog

If you are interested in partnering with Open as App, please email us at contact@openasapp.net

How can I sell apps directly through the Open as App?
Open as App has an App Catalog. There, partners can promote their app solutions. Currently the billing is still individual. Soon you will also be able to sell apps directly via in-app purchase (first for apple devices. Later on Android devices will follow).

If you want to become a partner and sell apps directly through Open as App, please email us at contact@openasapp.net.

Still have questions? OK then!

We look forward to your e-mail or a short message to support@openasapp.com.