Business-Apps with the
automatic WOW factor

With Open as App you’ll bring mobility to your work live with variety of possibilities. Instantly you’ll have lists, calculations, reports for KPIs or BI dashboards based on Excel, databases or legacy systems ready to go!


A complex Excel solution is automatically turned into a calculation app with full functionality. What is displayed in detail is up to you. This way one Excel file is the basis of many different apps.

Excel Spreadsheet

Calculation app with chart

1. Values can be changed.

2. The chart adopts to changing values.

3. Right hand menu bar shows the available functionality.

4. Calculations can be saved into new files.

5. The source file remains in the background.

6. New app version based on the same spreadsheet

7. The right hand menu bar shows the printing option

8. Printing view based on the printing area of the Excel sheet

Interactive calculation with printing support

Printing view with branded theme

Save to the cloud and many other collaboration features

9. Calculation with interactive input cells

10. The saving of calculation results on a central server is possible

11. Individual name designation


You can add charts or diagramms to any app. With a list app all you need to do is to activate it in the right side bar menu. Automatically all repeating values are analyzed and visualized with the best chart type. Individual Dashboards for reports or BI are also possible.

Excel Spreadsheet

Dashboard/Open as App

Dynamic dashboard for your lists

1. List app based on MS Excel or another system.

2. Activation with the right side bar menu.

3. Dynamic Dashboard of your list displayed.

Dynamic evaluation of your list

4. Click on an element of your chart and the list will be filtered. Here according to “sales rep”

Individual BI dashboards

5. Charts and Dashboards individually for any list or calculation.

6. New! Charttyp line diagrams.

An Excel list is automatically turned into a basic list app with full Open as App functionality. With a few more clicks you can give it the look of a professional business app for your colleagues, clients and partners – also using your company branding.

Excel Spreadsheet

Open as App

Automatically created list with background „dark“

1. The amount of the columns and lines displayed varies with the screen resolution.

2. Automatically predefined values can be highlighted, as here the top 5 values.

3. Columns can be enabled or disabled.

4. The right hand menu bar shows the available options

5. All repetitive data entries can be dynamically evaluated and visualized with a flexible choice of the chart type.

6. The app can be updated automatically or on demand.

7. You can sort or group your list by all columns.

Professional functionality will be added automatically.

8. Horizontal display with or without chart is possible

9. Automatically each data entry is enhanced with a detail dialog.