Turn all your Business Data into Apps

Open as App is a brand new cloud service for Instant App Creation based on spread sheet formats – without coding or macro writing. Automatically, you can integrate Apps with calculations, dashboards, lists, maps into your company. The benefit is high for all who participate – your business units, your employees and your IT experts.

Your business units create, share and manage their apps

Your employees and clients have all their apps comfortable on their smartphones

Your IT department has constant control regarding access, files and changes


You can do all this (only) with Open as App

Create all the apps you need in your daily business.

Forget about the high expenses and the amount of time a development project or the implementation of a RAD tool will cost you. With Open as app you will make a huge progress towards the mobile Enterprise you care to be.

Mobilize your data instantly.

Keep working with your systems and files and share your data as an App on all platforms. The link to your source file will be always on.

Create your apps automatically.

Who will recognize the logic of your calculation and keep it? Open as App does. Therefore, you can continue working as usually with the files you already have.

Have your company’s experts create their apps.

The experts in your company who created the Excel solution will now be able to create and adapt the app to go with it. This is another benefit in terms of time saving and quality gain when mobilizing your data.


Your world full of mobile possibilities

Express Apps: Apps made of lists with maps and dynamic dashboards

Express Apps will only take a few seconds to create or minutes if you spend time changing the design. The basis for Express Apps are lists in a spreadsheet format like in MS Excel. Upload your list into the App Creator. Open as App will automatically recognize the list format and create a preview for your app. Now, your app is ready. You can go ahead and start customizing the design and add professional features. In addition, you can evaluate any lists as a dynamic dashboard and add printing functionality. The source file and the app will remain linked. If source file is changed, the app will update itself. Even when offline the list can be used with full functionality. Open as App customers with the Business Small Plan or higher can input and save data in the app (when online).

Use cases for Express Apps in your business processes

  • Contact lists
  • Lists with geo information/point of interest
  • Forecast lists
  • Simple forms and forecasts

Expert Apps: Complex calculation apps – made by your teams for your business

Expert Apps are based on calculations in spreadsheets ranging from simple to complex. This can be small solutions for offering calculators or huge files of your controlling unit. Open as App applies a major part of the logic and functionality of your existing spreadsheet solution. Make up your mind which data are important for your teams. Upload your spreadsheet into our App Creator. The App Creator will automatically recognize and recommend Calculation as an app type. Highlight now the input or output cells for your app and it will be created instantly – including the existing spreadsheet logic and functionality. Now you can finish your app or enhance the design for example by adding a chart, by rearranging the value tiles or by adding new tiles. The data input and saving in your app (when online) is possible for customers with the Business Small plan or higher.

Use cases for Express Apps in your business processes

  • Any type of calculation
  • Complex Excel solutions of your business units
  • Offer calculators
  • Surveys even with complex logic
  • Instant invoice creation with printing on site

Mobile Frontend/API: Apps for BI cockpits and in Processes

Use Open as App and bring your mobile reports on smartphones and tablets. Visualize your calculation data. Enhance your dashboards with dynamic values you can retrieve anytime. This way, you might take even old legacy systems into the mobile future. Or you take app creation even one step further and integrate system generated apps into automated workflows. For example, on demand created apps with dynamic data into existing business processes or new services for your clients.

Use cases for Express Apps in your business processes

  • Large Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Mobile Frontend for your (legacy) systems
  • Automated offer creation by App from CRM with integrated retrieval of web service data


Add professional features to your app


Call phone



User rights

Dynamic dashboard



Push data to Cloud

Detail dialog


SharePoint Integration


Change the design of your apps until you really like it.


Choose one of many ready-made presets or select your color scheme without holding on


Individually adopt our UX-optimized design patterns to your own likings and design needs


Use one of the license free images in the App Creator or upload your own pictures for your app