Live Demos & Webinars

Build a lead capture app – including photo upload and evaluation


hosted by Damian Biecuszek

Fast and easy lead capture – perfectly matching your existing excel file and your workflow. Our business app expert Damian will demonstrate live how to…

  • build a lead capture app with foto upload,
  • document talks with drop down menus or toggles
  • add an evaluation for sales people and sales managers
  • integrate your app into your organization

360° Live Demo – Open as App for Enterprises


hosted by Damian Biecuszek

Our enterprise expert  Damian is taking you on a  global tour around Open as App. Get a perfect introduction to Open as App including a live demo app creation, sharing and admin features, security scenarios and best practice use cases.


SQL = APP. Create and roll-out apps based on SQL


hosted by Tobias Konsek


If you use SQL then there is nothing easier than creating an app from it and roll it out to your team or clients. Join our dev expert Tobias for a deep dive into app creation based on SQL, query your SQL source data in Open as App and write-back information from the app into your database. There is no special skill required. Knowing database queries and SQL is helpful.


Share your app – the essential guide to apps on all tablets, smartphones or in websites


hosted by Damian Biecuszek


Sharing is a key feature in Open as App. Our support expert Damian will show you how to use it to perfection.

  • Multi-platform apps
  • Share you apps via Social Media, with a QR Code, a landing page or an action button
  • Protect your app
  • Invite groups to protected apps
  • Embed an app into a website and offer a new web service


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