You would love to help shape the energy world of tomorrow? Why don’t you start right away? The first 24-hours EnbW Hackathon brings together EnBW employees and students: Together, we work hard on new ideas and solutions, for the upcoming tasks of the energy industry – safe places, peak loads, energy data or to e-mobility. After 24 hours, the teams present their ideas. Exciting prizes are awaiting the winners!

Immediately bring new ideas to all platforms

To make it happen, Open as App makes it easy to publish and share on all modern platforms – as an app, embedded in web pages or as bots. The participants of each case group have their own solution on both Hackathon days for chats, smartphones or web – actively supported by the local Open as App team.

24 hours hackathon and a new way to publish your ideas

The EnbW 24h hackathon starts on Nov 5th at noon in Karlsruhe and ends 24 hours later on Nov 6th at 12 o’clock sharp. Then the winners will be determined by jury and audience voting.

We are very excited and looking forward to great ideas! More information on EnBW here.

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