Open as App has improved List design a lot over the last months. Several new features make it easier to design a great list and make your list look better.

Set individual column width: In the new list editor you can define the column width individually for each column.

Horizontal scrolling: If you have created a list with several columns, then you might want to activate horizontal scrolling in your app by default. To do this, go to the list editor, select the advanced tab and set the value for horizontal scrolling to “true”. Anyone who uses your app will now have horizontal scrolling activated for your app.

Display lines: In lists, you can determine whether the horizontal, vertical, both or no lines should be displayed. The definition is gridlines and can be entered in the list editor (in the “Advanced” tab). By default, the horizontal lines are activated (gridlines=horizontal;). Possible values: both, horizontal, vertical, none.

Sorting: The card list can now be sorted via the function menu and it also supports sorting as a default setting.

Filter with counter: When filtering your app you can now see the amount of data entries in your list with the filter criteria.

All these features have been summed up in an editor.

New editor for list design

Read more in Release notes 1.44 and higher:

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