Mobilizing data can be a real piece of work, especially if more than one party is involved, IT wants to be in control and you still want it all to look and feel nice and “as meant to be”. If you are already using Microsoft’s Office 365, Open as App can show you the perfect way to mobilize your business data.

No matter if you are working with presentations, spreadsheets, or text documents – it only matters if you have easy access to them wherever you are. The problem with spreadsheets on the go is that there is no way you can easily view them on your mobile. Even modern smartphone displays like the iPhone XS Max, or the Samsung Galaxy S10+ are just too small to comfortably display any small to a mid-sized spreadsheet, let alone the big ones from finance.
Another problem is, that you can only carry around a copy of your work. So, if you forget to download the latest version of your data, you’ll be facing a problem real quick.

Now that is exactly where Open as App steps in. With our technology, you can simply turn your spreadsheet (and many more sources) into an app – with full write-back functionality. This makes your data understandable for third parties (understanding someone else’s spreadsheet can be really hard, you know?), accessible from virtually anywhere (over the internet but super protected), mobile and productive. To give you a short overview, we have prepared a video:

As you can see, there is almost no limit on what you can use as a data source to build apps with Open as App. But how does our system work?

Open as App is not a RAD tool or a program you have to set up within your company. It is a smart wizard that works with the data you give it. It analyzes it and suggests different app styles based on your data. Thanks to our smart algorithm, it gets better with every app you build. And even if the wizard suggests you an app you don’t want to use, you can simply overrule it and build the app the way you want it to be.

To make a long story short: Open as App is a cloud service for Instant App Creation based on spreadsheet formats — without coding or macro writing. Automatically, you can integrate Apps with calculations, dashboards, lists, maps into your company.

Integration made easy

If you are using O365, you can use your existing login to work with Open as App. Open as App respects defined file access rights to ensure your set level of security is still valid. This keeps your IT department in the picture of your user rights management.

Also, using Excels from your OneDrive (or other Cloud services) has never been simpler than with Open as App.

No matter if you are working with an Excel, spreadsheet, or database, if you work with Cloud storage, on-premises hosting, or our Open as App Cloud — Open as App works just the way you want it to work. We are offering solutions for high-security concerns or public access alike.

Most solutions, even if not comparable in scope of service, can easily break the bank. But with Open as App, you can start for free — promise! Most use cases can be realized with our Free package (non-commercial use only). Small teams start at as low as 39,-€ per month — 10 users included already. More on our pricing HERE.

Exclusively, we offer you a neat head start: Simply use the code “IAMDIGITIZATION” to get 15% off your first month or year for all Business Basic and Pro subscriptions.

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