Sales representatives of SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH&Co. KG needs to calculate the product and price the spot. As these calculations are extensive and are based on different variables, both internal and based on the customers’ terms, the challenge is to be both quick and precise within these calculations.


The pricing calculation app, created together with Open as App hits the sweet spot between speed and precision. The sales representative can easily work with on location acquired data, thanks to the intuitive interface. The actual calculation happens in the background and considers all needed calculation parameters (like machine capacities, energy, and material consumption).

app created with Open as App


Since the deployment of the pricing calculation app, work on location could be optimized and normed for the sales representatives to focus on the dialogue with their customers. In the next steps, communication between ERP and the app is planned, enabling the creation of a transcript of the dialogue.

work on location could be optimized and normed for the sales representatives


SCHOELLERSHAMMER GmbH&CO. KG with its HQ in Dueren, Germany, produces and sells corrugated board base paper for the packaging industry. Yearly, the waste paper of more than 3m citizens is being processed to packaging paper, loved by customers from every corner of the world. SCHOELLERSHAMMER with its 24/7 business operation provides a vital contribution to the recycling industry, thus conserves vital resources. As a traditional family business, we are proud to offer the families of our employees and subcontractors a stable, economical basis.

Let us know in the comment your opinion about the solution Open as App offers to the sales representative of SCHOELLERSHAMMER!

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