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Open as App simplifies its pricing plans. With the new pricing plans small and medium sized companies as well as freelancers get easier access to ‘apps based on Excel’. The new prices will apply to all new customers from February 2021. The functionality range of existing accounts remains unchanged. Click here for the price list with all changes in detail.

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What’s new?

The new pricing concept offers a wealth of additional functionality. Even in the Free Account individual apps with a wide range of functions can now be embedded in your website.

This means, you can use existing Excel data for your own website, from tax calculators to material requirements calculators or BMI calculators. This helps to avoid the time-consuming programming of logic in HTML. All changes in Excel are also immediately available on the web.

The new pricing plans

Free: Testing with full functionality and apps embedded in websites

Business: Use of apps in business with an extensive user plan and active support

Enterprise: Integration into existing IT strctures, systems and processes

Three pricing plans Free, Business and Enterprise

The three pricing plans Free, Business and Enterprise start with free testing in Free and offer an increasing integration of ‘apps based on Excel’ into your own business with Business and Enteprise accounts. You can upgrade conveniently from your own Open as App account.

Full feature set in the Free plan

The Free plan is now significantly enhanced. It includes more features and also supports the embedding of apps into your own website. This way, you can test the Open as App portal and develop apps free of charge that really add value to your day-to-day business. The number of users and apps is limited.

Another important enhancement is the integration of PDF creation. PDFs can now also be created in the Free and Business accounts and distributed via e-mail.

Several advanced features are also already available in the Free and Business plans. Workflows for data capture, photo upload, and digital signatures are important for quote generation apps or lead capture apps. More technically savvy app creators can also use the integration of workflow tools such as Zapier or Power Automate starting with the Free plan.

Active assistance and more features with the Business plan

Once you have created apps in the Free plan, the Business plan helps you to actively use and distribute your apps. This plan offers the same comprehensive options as the Free plan, but includes more users, more apps, and direct support from a Customer Success Manager. The Open as App team can provide valuable assistance, for example, when rolling out apps to a larger group of participants or when converting complex Excel files into user-friendly apps. Active support was previously only included in the Enterprise plan. Now it is already available with a Business account.

Integration into your organisation and IT systems with the Enterprise plan

With the Enterprise Account, just as before, you benefit from a customized plan either on enterprise level or for official apps with a broad user base and their own T&Cs. In addition, app creation can be integrated into the existing IT landscape with Open as App. There are also different roles for app management from creation to release.

When is it best to replace your Excel with an app?

We asked those who know best – our customers. They use Open as App in multiple ways and generate significant added value by adding apps to their processes: Quotes can be created in minutes on site replacing complex and long back-office processes. At the point of sales you can reach out to customers or partners directly via app and close significantly more deals – just like our customers SDK and Siemens Financial Services.

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