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Product Feature Updates 2019

We are closing in on 2019 and slowly approaching 2020. It is time for Open as App to share its annual blog post regarding product features we implemented throughout 2019.

Product Feature Update

Product Update Jingle Bells 2019

Product update releases are always fun. They are fun for you to experience. They are fun for us to create and apply. And they are fun for our Product Owner to manage. Just don’t ask him, please.

Product Update Jingle Bells

Product Feature Updates 2018

Now that we are close to 2019, it is time for Open as App to publish the “Feature Updates 2018” blogpost. After great product updates in 2017, which you can read about in last year’s blog post, we come back this year with a lot more product updates which significantly improved our platform.

Product Feature Update

You can now integrate Photo Upload to Your Apps

Integrate photo upload into your apps. This new feature is perfect for reports or documentations.

Feature Updates 2017

It’s time again for the “Feature Updates 2017” blog post. This year, many features were added to our platform and we even released a new type of app. On top of that, we organized webinars for our growing community.

Product Feature Update

Product Feature Updates 2016

In 2016, Open as App lifted off by introducing a few product feature updates to our automatic app creation platform we believe many will benefit from – calculations, list apps, enterprise mobility.

Product Feature Update

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