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Track progress across construction sites with the Punch Card List App

Construction Punch List App

Punch list app helps construction professionals track work. The app tracks the completion of tasks across job sites and different project owners. The advantage of using this app is it digitizes the punch list process to create a seamless way to communicate with your team and the people who work on your construction projects instead of using an excel sheet to update.

What is a construction punch list?

A construction punch list is created by the contractor of a construction project. The List includes any tasks that have not been completed yet or have not been completed correctly.

A construction punch list often includes the following items:

  • Interior or exterior issues
  • Incorrect installations
  • Mechanical issues
  • Any other damages that occurred during the project
  • Any unaddressed items outlined in the original contract

Construction Punch List Template

Instead of completing a spreadsheet or conduct the documentation with pen and paper, you can use our free template and build your own Punch Card List App. Try it for free or adapt the template in our app creator.

Benefits of the Punch Card List App

  • assign punch list items to relevant individuals while keeping stakeholders updated
  • add issues and images with an image upload option
  • helpful in site walks for the inspector

Further useful construction apps

There are many ways to optimize your construction project management processes with several smart construction apps. Here are some popular examples:

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