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Instantly Share information on products or services with the Quick Sales Invoice App

Invoice App

Invoicing from your phone or tablet

Creating invoices is part of the daily business for companies, self-employees or freelancers. With an invoice app you will be able to save a lot of time and are even able to send invoices on the go – even directly after closing a deal.

Most people use an Invoice Template in Excel or an Invoicing software. However, sometimes things get busy and you will have to spend your valuable time on other tasks or want to create invoices while you are in the field. Our Sales Invoice app is designed to quickly create a sales or service invoice with all the information pertaining to the services provided and sharing it immediately with the customer via PDF/e-mail. You can create your own custom invoice template with your company logo and all information you need.

Invoice App benefits:

  • send invoices on the go
  • create professional sales invoices based on your template from an excel file
  • easy share of information via PDF
  • your and your customers data are secure

Open as App provides you with multiple ways to digitize your sales process. Here are some suggestions for further useful sales apps:

Let yourself get inspired and learn how calculation apps with Open as App work.

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